General Accounts System

a collection of the journal entries resulting from document editing at all parts of the program to obtain all the financial information & reports.

Establishing a tree accounting manual without branching limits to suit all administrative levels, while controlling the coding of each level.
Adding all foreign currency that's being used externally, while pegging the price or changing it with each document according to daily exchange rate.
Establishing a cost center manual tree, with unlimited branching form.
Total flexibility for entries auditing provided by daily restrictions report.
A system to deport entries to the book claims (Automatically)
Searching for entries in several & diverse methods.

Financial Analysis Reports:

Financial Analysis Reports:

Expenses/Incomes Analysis (Detailed/Total)

Cost Center Reports:

Cost Center Reports:

Cost Center ledger - Cost Center (Analytic/Total) - Cost Center General Ledger - Cost Center Balance Sheet

Financial Reports

Financial Reports

Leger - General Ledger - Blotter - Trial Balance - Closing Statements - Journal Entry - Balance Sheet – Income Statement - Cash Flow

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