Purchase And Suppliers System

Full administration over the purchase cycle Inside the administration inside the enterprise Starting with items disbursement request To identify It’s availability In stock, then issue a purchase order for it within the enterprise, up-to issuing purchase orders to the suppliers and passing by purchase bills confirmation in all its types and forms whether it’s a commodity or a service purchase bills, with the possibility to include expenses spent over such purchases, e.g. Transportation and Porterage, with a direct effect on the cost of purchased items. This Program is directly linked and connected to the General Accounting, Inventory Warehousing , Expense, Contracting and all other Programs.
Registering all relevant Suppliers data (Tax Master File, Commercial
Registry and Contact Info. Of the Suppliers & all involved personnel
Linking the supplier to the Items Manual by registering suppliers entry
Adding the suppliers item code to the items’ manual, so that all documents are synced with the supplier (Quote Request, Purchase Order, Purchase Bill)

Reports Suppliers Account Reports

Reports Suppliers Account Reports

Suppliers Trial Balance Suppliers Account Statement Liability Discount Taxation Report

Purchases Reports

Purchases Reports

Itemized and Total Purchases Report Taxation, & Billing Expenses Reports Suppliers and other items’ Periodic Purchases

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