Sales & Customers System

Sales Program:
Registering daily sales traffic such as, Sales traffic, Debt Credit Settlements, Sales Returns, Registering Supplying/Vending Orders and Price Quotations to automatically obtain the Financial Status with the clients. Through different inquiries and several reports (Detailed and Collateral), Daily Sales Traffic Statements Analysis, Clients Accounts Statements and the Resulting Claims to develop the Sales Traffic and Profitability on the level of Client or Item or Delegate/Representative, and also the expected Cash Flow
Establishing a full manual for the clients registry book, including all data in an unlimited tree method.
Determining Clients Commercial Data such as the opening balance (According to debt lifecycle), Tax Master File, Commercial Registry, Credit Limit and the Clients’ status with the Taxation Authority
Establishing a full manual for the sales representatives/delegates and supervisors, while determining the method to calculate their commission
Issuing price quotations including items pictures & descriptions to be turned later into purchase orders
Defining the ledgers used in Sales, Returns, Discounts & Addition Notifications
Registering expenses relevant to bills and allocating it to impact the sold merchandise cost
Determining the binding policy between Sales and Inventory according to sales types (Sales from then Payment Order -Payment Order then Billing)
Clients Balance display at the Issuing Bill Start-up while immediately update the balance upon saving the bills
Supplying Order (Selling Order):
Sufficient Stock Balance, then the items on the Selling Order are reserved
Insufficient Stock Balance resulting in Disbursement Request
Storage/Inventory/Warehouse Reservation
Categories in Storage are reserved in order to be disbursed later to where it’s being reserved such as Clients or Production Lines, The Storage reservation is related to a timeline which the user can determine. So the point of determining the Reservation timeline is that the System/Program reminds you of that timeline expiry to end Reservation and regain balance to storage once again

Delivery, Payment & Billing Phase
Warehouse Reception after inspection to accredit and register the adding order
Registering purchase orders with the possibility to directly download it from P.Os, Thus saving efforts and time
Adding all types of expenses That are related to the purchase document while determining how to distribute it in different directions
Momentary effect over the suppliers accounts statement, after saving the purchase bills
Determining the due dates of each bill and following up with the consequences over the debts lifecycles
Registering bounced back purchases, while mentioning the reason & consequences over the accounts
Connecting P.Os and Discretionary Credit Limits with Cash & Check Expenses

Sales Diary Report:

Sales Diary Report:

Sales Journal Sales Journal Net (Including collectables on bills) Bills book itemized and Total Price Quotations Report

Representatives/Delegates Reports

Representatives/Delegates Reports

Representatives/Delegates agents’ Report Selling Price in comparison to Price Lists Representatives/Delegates Monthly Sales Representatives/Delegates Commissions

Clients’ Accounts Reports

Clients’ Accounts Reports

Clients Auditioning Balance Clients’ Account Statement Itemized/Detailed Account Statement(Including Sold Categories) Account Billing Statement(Countering Bills to Collection) Debt Lifecycle Analysis Clients’ Credit Limit Auditioning

Sales Reports:

Sales Reports:

Sales Report (Total/Detailed) Comparing Selling Prices to Buying Prices Detailed Billing Taxation Detailed Billing Discounts Detailed Billing Expenses Periodic Clients’ Sales Periodic Categories Sales Average Categories Selling Prices

Profitability Reports:

Profitability Reports:

Total Sold Categories Profitability Sold Categories Billing Profitability(Detailed) Representatives/Delegates Sales Profitability

Supplying Orders Reports:

Supplying Orders Reports:

Supplying Orders Report (Total/Detailed) Comparing between Supplying Orders & which is Done by Billing

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