Stock Monitoring System

Adding all types in a tree sequence with unlimited branching for the main the horizontal branches
Processing more than 1 warehouse unlimitedly
Supporting the production assembly types
Determining Min.-Max wages policy & Requisition for each type
Defining all types of Storage Traffic by the user (Sales, Purchases, Returns, Damaged/Impaired & Giveaways…etc.)
Supporting different Disbursements Policies on each type’s level(Latest buying price, Cost Average, Service Types)
Defining assembly types that are consisted of other different types while determining ratio/quantity of each constituent
Unlimited defining for different measuring units, & connecting each type with a main measuring unit & other sub units such as (Quantity, Weight, Volume) to be added & disbursed upon any
Defining more than 1 code for the same type (Supplier Code, Warehouse Code, Universal Code, Barcode…etc.)
Periodic Stocktaking
It’s a stock evaluation system at the end of each Accounting Cycle, & upon preparing financial reports & it aims to calculate the available quantity in the enterprise showrooms & warehouses, I.E Manually stocktaking the warehouse at the end of each cycle.

Continuous Stocktaking
It’s a system that continuously evaluates the stock where it aims to continuously calculate the quantity & cost of the merchandise, & accordingly calculate the value of the remaining stock in the showrooms & warehouses at a separate Stock Account.
Automated warehouse stocktaking after each Disbursement, Provision, Sale or Purchase
Warehouse record update after each operation that includes the stock
Thus a daily updated data is always available about the stock quantity & cost at hand, which enables the enterprise to provide a better service for its’ clients, & a better monitoring for this stock

Storage Traffic Report

Storage Traffic Report

Itemized business partner traffic Category List Itemized Category Traffic Stagnant Categories Monthly Categories Traffic Inbound Daily Monitoring

Balances Reports

Balances Reports

Item Card Warehouse Record Book Items Balances Items barcodes & pictures printing

Collateral Reports

Collateral Reports

Stock Cost Total Daily Withdrawal Average Statement Warehouse Traffic Total Items Traffic Total

Items Expiry Dates Report

Items Expiry Dates Report

Expiry Date Types Values Expiry Date Types Balances Itemized Expired Types Itemized Expired Total

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